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Hotelivate is a new-age hospitality consulting firm offering specialized services to clients across the Asia Pacific region. Founded by the erstwhile team of HVS India, Hotelivate, offers a comprehensive consulting environment through a diverse team of consultants that have a combined professional experience of years across varied hospitality verticals.

The founding partners of Hotelivate are reputed hospitality business consultants, who have advised, assisted and nurtured thousands of clients for more than two decades in South Asia.

Through its focused, empathetic and innovative approach, Hotelivate serves a wide range of industry stakeholders across all phases of hospitality lifecycle consulting, thereby eliminating the need for several different advisors. A serial entrepreneur, trusted advisor, foodie, phillumenist and a passionate hotelier, Manav brought HVS to South Asia in Hotelivate is the next step in his vision to provide end-to-end solutions to the hospitality sector with an eye on curating customised results that can assist hotel industry stakeholders throughout the life-cycle of a hotel.

Read Moreā€¦. As founder, she set out to provide an experience that captured the essence of the various culinary experiences that have been an integral part of the gastronomic history of India. As the business reached a stable operating state, Megha decided that it was time to move on in search of her next challenge.

As Co-founder of Hotelivate, Megha is responsible for the overall planning and execution of business and ensuring the ongoing growth strategy of the firm. Her drive to create well thought-out and structured solutions and her unique ability to craft business ideas for all things hospitality makes Megha a highly sought-after industry person. Natwar Nagar spearheads the Executive Search practice at Hotelivate.

Numerous success stories from across industries are a testament to a decade and a half of his devotion towards Executive Search. His careful analysis of attrition trends and availability of required Executive pool has assisted him in venturing into non-hospitality sectors such as real estate, education, and manufacturing. In addition to his professional dedication, he is a fitness enthusiast and a spirited philanthropist. His experience in the hotel industry is multifaceted, having performed diverse roles ranging from hotel business development, strategic planning and market assessments to hotel operations, contract negotiations, asset management and transaction advisory.

Satria Wei has over 30 years of experience in various establishments of hospitality services in Indonesia and overseas and has proven his expertise in managing hotels under many prestigious worldwide hotel companies. Puneet comes with over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry, having worked in various hotel and corporate level roles in Marketing, Revenue Management and Distribution for chains such as the Four Seasons and Taj Hotels Resorts Palaces Safaris.

Puneet is also involved in various industry-wide initiatives. Additionally, Puneet has personal investments in several successful Restaurant and Bar projects in Singapore that have established themselves among the most successful brands and gives him first-hand insight as a quintessential entrepreneur.

Jendral Sudirman No. Email Address. About Us. Knowledge Centre. Strategic Advisory. Executive Search. Investment Advisory. Asset Management.

manav thadani

Professional Skills Development. Revenue Management.

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Privacy Policy. Facebook Twitter Instagram. Site Map.The coronavirus outbreak was declared an international health emergency by the World Health Organization on Jan The coronavirus outbreak is a unique one-off incident and as such needs to be treated in context, writes M.

Thadani, Founder Chairman at Hotelivate. The coronavirus outbreak that showed its first signs in December last year was declared an international health emergency by the World Health Organization on January Initial indications are that tourist destinations traditionally visited by the Chinese travelers are the worst affected, especially as Chinese New Year holiday traffic was cancelled in large numbers.

InChina predicted around million outbound travelers, many of whom travelled during the Chinese New Year. This, in will not be the case, other than a few travelers who already had started their journeys.

Top 10 outbound tourism destinations for Chinese Travelers in 1. Vietnam 2. Thailand 3. Japan 4. Indonesia 5. Singapore 6. Malaysia 7. Hong Kong 8. Philippines 9. Cambodia Take for example The Maldives, where the Chinese accounted for Per the Tourism Ministry, total tourist arrivals for the period Feb-Apr wasthat translated to 3, bed nights. The figure below indicates how coronavirus is impacting travel across the globe. Impact of coronavirus Credits: ForwardKeys. Global business travelers are holding off travel to Asia unless absolutely necessary, especially to destinations traditionally visited by the Chinese.

Singapore, Mumbai, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur are all impacted, and we hear from hotels that bookings are being deferred or postponed for at least the next couple of weeks.


The coronavirus outbreak is a unique one-off incident and as such needs to be treated in context. Dropping room rates drastically as a knee jerk reaction is not going to improve the situation, particularly if you are in a business location. If you need proof of this theory, note what hotels in Hong Kong have done over the past six months in the face of protests. Most hotels had their occupancy go off the cliff but still decided to hold on to their rates. The idea being that people who were coming to Hong Kong needed to be there anyway and it was not because they got a hotel discount.

Nations like India, Indonesia, and Thailand should be looking sharply at domestic tourism that has time and again increased the resilience of the industry in the wake of global adversities. A case in point, back inwhen SARS hit the region, unfortunately coinciding with the Iraq war, most Indians chose to travel domestically rather than overseas. This was a turnaround year for Goa, which until then had been a seasonal tourist market. It also fueled domestic tourism in a very big way in the country.

Hence, governments can perhaps give tax concessions to encourage local travel and stay. Similar cases are being seen in Japan too. We believe that as reputable and respectable hotel brands, turning business away or any phobia against Chinese tourists will tarnish the goodwill in the long run. One must not forget that business is a numbers game and with Chinese travel, the numbers do make a huge impact.

manav thadani

They will be back sooner than you think. Hotel brands should instead have set policies and corporate directives to tackle such sensitive situations to ensure that Chinese tourists do not feel harassed.HVS hives off non-core services to new entity. All rights reserved. For reprint rights: Times Syndication Service. Market Watch. Pinterest Reddit. By Anumeha Chaturvedi.

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Managing Partner Manav Thadani and several members of his team have announced they will be leaving HVS to pursue their own venture in the hospitality sector. The US based company operates globally through joint ventures in various markets. Thadani, chairman of HVS Asia Pacific who started the India operations through the joint venture inhad announced that he has launched his own company, Hotelivate. Rushmore further stated that HVS has a proven track record of high quality work and standards throughout the world and that its clients in India will continue to benefit from a global network of professionals coupled with its relationships with hotel brands, management companies, owners, investors and lenders.

Read more on HVS. Manav Thadani. Follow us on. Download et app. Become a member. To see your saved stories, click on link hightlighted in bold. Fill in your details: Will be displayed Will not be displayed Will be displayed. Share this Comment: Post to Twitter.Hospitality veteran Manav Thadani has launched Hotelivate, a venture that aims to provide end-to-end business solutions for firms in the hospitality space across the Asia Pacific.

The development comes soon after HVS Global Hospitality where Manav headed India operations as chairman, decided to restructure its local operations and go slow on its activities in the country. VCCircle had first reported that the global hospitality firm is planning to close its India chapter. It is with great pleasure that we announce the expansive role of Hotelivate, adding more services to our portfolio as we begin a new journey in consulting.

A change in name does not change our commitment to excellence and passion for all things hospitality. The consulting firm aims to assist clients by offering services such strategic advisory, executive search, professional skills development, investment advisory, asset management, revenue management and project execution, among others. Additionally, some of the conferences previously hosted by HVS will now continue under the Hotelivate banner.

SAMHI is an Indian hotel investment and development firm with a focus on ownership of branded hotels in the mid-scale and economy segments. Manav Thadani floats hospitality consulting firm Hotelivate. Log in Keep me signed in.

Manav Thadani, Co-Founder, Hotelivate, on Hospitality Education

Get New Password. Home Finance Finance. By Swet Sarika. Leave Your Comment s. Top Stories Editor's Pick Finance. Coronavirus delays PE, VC fundraising as investors turn wary. CX Partners, NewQuest trim stake in financial services firm. Bank mergers keep financial sector in focus but PE deals slip again in Jan-March.

manav thadani

Automakers seek tax cut to boost demand after coronavirus hit. Jet revival prospects worsen as coronavirus prompts suitor to reconsider boarding carrier. Motilal Oswal Financial loses investment banking head, picks insider as successor. Will the Covid crisis infuse a fresh lease of life into health-tech startups?

Tweets by vccircle.Hotelivate ties up with us firm to expand footprint in North America. All rights reserved. For reprint rights: Times Syndication Service. Market Watch. Pinterest Reddit. By Anumeha Chaturvedi. Thadani has launched Hotelivatea new hospitality consulting firm which presently has offices in Delhi and Mumbai, with Singapore and Bangkok opening soon.

This announcement comes on the heels of HVS restructuring its business in India earlier this year, whereby it moved its non-core services to a separate entity, Hotelivate, even as consulting, executive search and asset management continued to operate under the HVS license.

With the launch of Hotelivate, the entire erstwhile team of HVS India will cease to exist under the HVS trademark, and will operate under the new brand identity of Hotelivate.

manav thadani

A change in name does not change our commitment to excellence and passion for all things hospitality. With a team of consultants having over years of collective experience, Hotelivate is well-entrenched to service client needs through empathetic and tailor-made solutions that are focused on adding value to their projects.

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Read more on Hotelivate. Manav Thadani. Follow us on. Download et app. Become a member. To see your saved stories, click on link hightlighted in bold. Fill in your details: Will be displayed Will not be displayed Will be displayed.

Share this Comment: Post to Twitter.To be a great manager you also need to be a great leader. In his current role as Founder Chairman, Hotelivate, Manav Thadani combines both qualities effortlessly.

Hotelivate is a step towards achieving his vision to provide end-to-end solutions to the hospitality sector, with an eye on curating customised results that can assist the stakeholders throughout the life-cycle of a hotel. By adding four new partners, we have enhanced the creativity quotient of our existing team.

We are eager to expand across the region through the growth of our services such as Asset Management and Revenue Management. Currently on an accelerated growth path, Thadani is foraying into new areas.

Though no stranger to success, Thadani considers himself to be a life-long learner. The best advice I can offer is to surround yourself with good and smart people.

When we started, I literally had to educate the audience on what it meant to value hotels and showcase how valuable good quality research was. Today, our data and insights are relied upon by our clients and the industry at large. Dynamic and daring, he never steps back when it comes to taking risks. Nine months into it and I can say that the gamble has paid off. To balance his hectic work schedules, he spends time with his family. On weekends, a round of golf and learning how to play bridge, which intellectually stimulates him, helps him relax.

The site includes the very latest news, analysis and comment from our team of expert journalists; accurate and up-to-date industry data and contacts; and coming soon a whole host of exciting new business opportunities in the form of relevant tenders, project announcements, classified ads and industry jobs. Power List Manav Thadani. Manav Thadani Founder Chairman, Hotelivate. Rajiv Kaul. Vivek Bhalla.

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Regional Vice President. Rattan Keswani. Souvagya Mohapatra. Executive Director.

HVS to announce a new leader in India shortly

Ranjit Batra. Vijay Thacker. Sunjae Sharma. Vice President. Vikram Oberoi. Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer. Zaid Sadiq. Satyen Jain. Neel Raheja. Group President. Raj Rana.

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HVS to wrap up operations in India under existing arrangement, services moved to Hotelivate

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