Hospital playlist ep 8 recap

Bad things happen in life from illness to family troubles, and it can feel like the world is crumbling around you. Whether it comes from a close-knit friend group or a random, kind stranger, small acts of kindness can have profound effects on a weary soul. Jung-won paces back and forth as he waits for an update on the liver for his patient, but when Gyu-wool calls, she tells him that the liver is too big. After contemplating what to do, he decides to proceed with their plans, anyways.

He asks if she wants to see a liver transplant, so she follows him to the operating room.

hospital playlist ep 8 recap

While Jung-won operates on the baby, Gyu-wool arrives with the liver. Clearly out of breath, she explains to Jung-won that the elevators were broken, so she ran walked briskly up the stairs.

Song-hwa stretches before her surgery, and Chi-hong notifies her that the operating room is ready. They burst into tears and thank Jung-won for saving their baby. However, when they mention how lucky they are that a brain-dead donor appeared, Jung-won reminds them to be thankful towards the donor because she was the one who saved the patient. Meanwhile, Eun-won calls Seok-hyung and verifies some orders with him. Gyu-wool and the medical students wait for Ik-joon to bring their food—he wanted to pick it up so he could chat with the delivery person, hence his tardiness.

When he arrives with bags of sandwiches, he tells the others that he invited someone to join them. Gyu-wool tidies her hair, expecting Jung-won to come, but her face falls when Joon-wan enters the room. The lackluster response makes Joon-wan pause at the door, heh. Joon-wan greets the twins, calling them by the wrong name again, so Yoon-bok corrects him. The chief residents along with Chi-hong join Dr. Bong in the cafeteria for another session of Bong Salon.

Before they begin, Jae-hak asks Chi-hong why he quit the army, and Chi-hong promises to tell them another time. Ahn Chi-hong! Suggesting a change of pace, Dr. Bong offers to talk about his residency, but the entire group gets up to leave.

According to Dr. Bong, Ik-joon and Joon-wan were popular in college while Seok-hyung barely dated anyone. As for Song-hwa, she was a CC campus couple and has dated a couple of guys but has never wanted to get married. Chi-hong asks if she dated Ik-joon, and Dr. Bong swears that those two are just friends. As for Jung-won, any girl interested in him has to defeat God first. Chi-hong studies for his upcoming, lead surgeon operation, so Seok-min offers him some advice.

While Song-hwa allows her residents to make one mistake, she will kick you out after the second. Chun appears next to him. He comments on how close Jae-hak is with Joon-wan, and the chief resident brags about how fond Joon-wan is of him. Chun agrees, saying that Joon-wan talks very highly of him, and Jae-hak blurts out his disbelief.

As he performs his first lead surgery, Song-hwa monitors from the side and gives him pointers along the way.Hospital Playlist has left viewers on the edge of their seats with an unexpected twist in the story this week.

The series followers will have to wait until next Thursday, May 7, to know more about it. Unlike all the previous episodes, the eighth episode did not give much importance to complicated surgeries.

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This week, the medical drama primarily focused on the personal lives of doctors and how it affected their relationship with the patients. The mini-series also highlighted the joy of leading a selfless life in episode 8.

Last week's cliffhanger gave viewers an impression of a secret date between the two characters. It was really disappointing to see him turn her down for no genuine reason.

He just told her that he had plans with his mother in the weekend, which was a big lie. The third-year resident came to know about this lie during a casual chat with Lee Ik Soon. She was heartbroken to know the truth, but her friend Chu Min Ha came up with a plan to cheer her up. She asked her friend to take Jung Gyeo Wool on a blind date. Accidentally, Ahn Jeong Won happened to see the resident going out with another man and he was not really happy to see it. Is he a secret admirer of her?

Hospital Playlist Episode 8 Review & Recap

Viewers will get to know more about it in the upcoming weeks. On the night he was with his lady love, the professor got an emergency call from Do Jae Hak and he had to rush back to the hospital. The cardiac surgeon spent most of his time in saving the life of a three-week-old baby. Even after doing everything that a medical professional can do, Kim Jun Wan did not succeed in saving the life of the baby.

The surgeon then took up a new role in the hospital and became the chief of cardiology department just to help Do Jae Hak. The chief resident was left heartbroken after knowing about the real estate scam and he was struggling to concentrate on his work.

When a patient's garden called him to complain about his attitude towards the patient, the doctor lost his calm and things went out of his hands.

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The patient's guardian had influence among the higher-ups and they decided to file a legal case against the doctor. But Kim Jun Wan got involved at the right time to sort things out for his juniors. Do Jae Hak was shocked to know that he got all the help from his rude professor.

In the meantime, Yang Seok Hyeong helped his junior Chu Min Ha regain her trust in him and he also made her more confident in handling a critical situation. He made her realise that she was not a worthless employee as she thought and her hard work would be paid back.

The episode ended by showing Yang Seok Hyeong's mother getting admitted in the medical centre in a critical condition. All the details about her illness will be revealed in episode 9. Third year resident Ahn Chi Yong also did not have a major role to play in episode 8. These characters may have more screen space in episode 9 as the story unwraps new secrets about the five senior professors. To know more about the upcoming episode, the series' followers will have to tune into tvN next Thursday, May 7, at 9 pm KST.After delving into,and then prison, the spotlight turns to hospitals and the doctors who work there.

This is a story about a group of friends who stumble across each other one fateful evening, and though they may all be different, their shared bond and memories hold them together for decades. As soon as the lights are on, Song-hwa notices the dust and cobwebs strewn over the furniture, and Seok-hyung explains that the house has been empty for years. When one of the lights flickers off, Seok-hyung immediately calls his mom and asks for help. Th electricians arrive to fix the light, and Song-hwa advises the worker to shut off the breaker and wear some gloves lest he be electrocuted.

Unfortunately, her advice comes too late as the electrician falls to the floor. In the ambulance, Seok-hyung sits awkwardly, avoiding eye contact with everyone, when the patient grabs his hand to show his thanks. While Seok-hyung tries to pry his hand away, the other electrician asks why his companion feels so cold, and all eyes turn to Seok-hyung for answers.

He momentarily stops pulling to explain that the patient is cold. In his office, Jung-won meets patients from a skeptical mother armed with internet-knowledge to a noncompliant toddler, but nothing ruffles his feathers as he handles both situations with poise and a smile.

Afterwards, he runs into Joon-wan in the elevators and teases him about his cancelled date. Unlike his pediatrician friend, Joon-wan is void of smiles when working.

hospital playlist ep 8 recap

He scolds a couple of resident physicians for prescribing medicine to a patient without checking on her first and then solemnly informs a mother that her child needs heart surgery as soon as possible. The mother asks for a week to procure the money for the operation, but Joon-wan assures her not to worry since the hospital can provide financial aid for families in need.

He orders a resident to call for funds, but the confused resident has no clue who to contact. Despite his grumblings, Joon-wan helps out the resident, directing him towards the social services office and the Daddy-Long-Legs program.

Joon-wan is on the phone—most likely asking about the funds for the heart surgery—when Jung-won pops in to his office. After a few bites, Jung-won leaves to go home early for once, and on his way out, he calls Song-hwa to ask for a favor. Unfortunately for Jung-won, a patient needs his attention, and he returns to work.

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The foundation also runs the hospital she and her friends work at, and things look grim when her superior calls to ask her to watch over the patients in his stead because the chairman might not make the night. Rosa is unamused by their presence and quickly excuses herself when Lawyer Pyun arrives.

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However, Jong-soo cryptically tells his cousin that nothing has been decided yet. He explains that the oldest son barely has enough time for his current job, and the second is serving a higher being: both are priests hello there, familiar faces, Sung Dong-il and Kim Sung-kyun.

He then asks the director about the daughters and learns that they, too, serve the Lord cameos by Yeh Ji-won and Oh Yoon-ah. Rosa asks about the whereabouts of her youngest, Andrea, and he arrives just then. He immediately walks up to his mom—his face hidden from the viewer—and wraps her in a hug.

Hyung is appalled to learn that his brother smokes and then tattles on him to their mother. Though the mother remains calm, the daughter weeps uncontrollably. Once they leave her office, Song-hwa sighs since her heart feels heavy after delivering such somber news.

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In the pediatric ward, a mother berates the doctors for not being more careful with her daughter. Jung-won hangs his head and advises her to prepare herself for the worse, but the mother snaps back at him, refusing to part with her child. They ride the elevator together, and the daughter explains that her son is waiting for a liver transplant. She collapses to the floor, sobbing, and Song-hwa crouches down next to her. When the elevator stops, Song-hwa tells the other doctors to ride the next one, and continues comforting the daughter in silence.

The news reports a major car accident near their hospital, and Dr.

hospital playlist ep 8 recap

Bong runs off towards the ER. As a slew of patients are carted into the hospital, a man wearing a Darth Vader helmet stands in the middle of the chaos.Although Songhwa criticizes him saying. So Songhwa washes his faces treating him like her son.

After that, when the doctors have a meal together eating, Tteok-bboki, Ikjun talks about a lame joke but only Songhwa actively responds to his joke with a bright smile.

Hospital Playlist episode 8 recap; episode 9 spoilers and live stream details

Junwan says. Over time of 20 years, they have still had a good relationship as a friend but it is wondered what will happen in the future between them. Another interesting scene in episode 8 is that Jeongwon tries to avoid Kyeowool. In the last episode, Kyeowool asked Jeongwon for a date suggesting to have a get-together without anyone, wearing plain clothes, not doctor gown. Jeongwon declines the request making an excuse for meeting his mother in Yangpyeong. He said Jeongwon really likes children and he even played with his son last weekend.

To console Kyeowool, Dr. Choo Minha sets her on a blind date. While Kyeowool waits for a man for the blind date, Jeongwon witnesses by accident. When Jeongwon calls her, Kyeowool takes his car saying NO. And then Jeongwon shows his vacant expression.

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By the way, Jeongwon actually meets his mother, Jeong Rosa. While Jeongwon clears the seat for a while, his mother got a phone call from a provost. Shocked by this news, Rosa asked him. Choo Minha, who sets up Kyeowool on a blind date, has a serious conflict with whom joined the hospital at the same time and feels sheer exhaustion so that she even prepared a letter of resignation.

The woman expecting a baby suddenly encounters abruptio placentae with excessive bleeding. Embarrassed Minha calls Seokhyeong who already got off the work. Still, Seokhyeong firmly says to her. Finally, Seokhyeong arrives at the operating room with a taxi violating the speed limit and can finish the operation. Minha can also feel relieved as well and weep in relief. Later, Minha express her honest feeling and Seokhyeong replies.

Do Jaehak lost all the money he saved because of a real estate fake. In the real estate contract, the real estate broker said that the contract is key money deposit but it is monthly rent actually. As a result of it, Jaehak lost all deposit so that his wife went to her parents and Jaehak lives in a very small room called Goshiwon. To make the matters worse, he has his salary reduced for 3 months by his rude behavior to a patient. Touched Jaehak wants to meet Juwan but Junwan wearing black suit leaves to join the funeral of the child who donated his heart before Jaehak shows his gratitude.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Their first love is ongoing? How do you operate? I like his gag so much! Kyeowool stops loving him? He said he would be busy going to Yangpyeong to meet his mother.Everyone makes mistakes, even doctors, but not everyone accepts responsibilities for their faults.

Some choose to run and others even push the blame onto others. Gyu-wool asks Jung-won to buy her dinner, emphasizing how she wants to eat with just the two of them. Meanwhile, the hospital director hounds Joon-wan to accept the chief position of his department, but he refuses and goes to his operating room. During the surgery, he reprimands Jae-hak for coming unprepared and warns him to keep his personal life outside of work. Seok-hyung makes his rounds sans Eun-won who disappeared after a patient died.

However, this means Min-ha has to pull double-duty, and she yawns in the back—her face looking uncharacteristically bare. Ik-joon meets with a patient whose charts shows signs of liver cancer. They need to run additional tests to verify his prognosis, but Ik-joon tells the crying family to stay optimistic since the cancer may be operable.

Jung-won skips towards his friends and tells them that his patient has improved. Before he heads out, he asks if the rumors are true and asks for a doll. How is this forty-year-old so adorable? While Rosa cuts flowers in his office, Jung-won brings her a glass jar he got from Song-hwa. He asks about the open chief position, instead, and suggests a young professor should take the position.

The director sighs over the lack of prospects since no one wants to take on extra duties. Jung-won forgets his phone as he leaves for an operation, so when the chief priest calls him, Rosa answers it. Rosa passes along the message, but looking at her son, she begs him to stay by her side and live a normal life.

A nurse sighs over an angry patient asking for stronger painkillers, so Gyu-wool checks on him. She states the facts of his current situation, and the patient huffs at her accusation and hides under the covers. An elderly guardian shouts at Jae-hak over the phone for not checking on his wife, and Jae-hak apologizes before hanging up. As for Chi-hong, he chose neurosurgery because he saw a documentary where the surgeon operated while sitting down.

Just as Song-hwa warns her friend not to touch the pot, Ik-joon shows her his burned fingers. She wraps up his burns—including his unhurt pinkie—but goes overboard with the bandages. Rosa scolds him for not telling his family and then berates his sons for only visiting their sick mom once during the seven years she was hospitalized. Seems like someone has his own family troubles. Jung-won buys his friends tteokbokki for dinner, and Seok-hyung tattles to his mom about the cheap meal.

Ik-joon responds by quoting the movie and mimicking the iconic scene, though Only Song-hwa laughs at his joke. Everyone perks up in their seats, and Jung-won tells them that his father secretly donated money to an orphanage every month. Jung-won protests, claiming to have money, but the others feel more comfortable mooching off their actual rich friend and start adding more to their orders. He then asks his dad about his runaway resident, and Seok-hyung comments that his son is nosy.The final episode of Hospital Playlist is a long one, but every minute feels worth it knowing that this is the end.

hospital playlist ep 8 recap

After meeting with Gyu-wool, Rosa lies to Jung-won about having plans with Jong-soo and runs away. Back in the garden, Ik-joon spots Gyu-wool sitting in a daze, and he guesses her problem is related to Jung-won. He wonders when her crush started, and she stares at him blankly, as if it should be obvious. Chi-hong visits Song-hwa in her office and tells her that he wants to move to Sokcho as well. She shoots down his idea since he would be giving up his chief position, and advises him to think of his career.

Love problems seem to be in the air as Joon-wan stares at his couple rings before calling Ik-soon. However, instead of repentance, the chairman was selfish to the end, ordering Seok-hyung to quit his job and take over the company. Ik-joon cuts the line to take Song-hwa out to lunch, but she waves aside her friend since Jae-hak is next. The chief resident pushes his way in and chants praises for Song-hwa, which even includes a dance.

An emergency liver laceration patient arrives, so Jung-won calls Gyu-wool to set up an operating room. She stops mid-meal and runs out of the room without even the slightest hesitation. When Seok-hyung joins them, Ik-joon scolds him for asking a resident to help with his research, but his friend looks at him confused. After lunch, Ik-joon meets with a family and tells them that couples have to register their marriage for a year before they can donate.

Once the family leaves, Ik-joon swivels around and throws a pop question at Hong-do. The medical student guesses how the couple met, and the others giggle at his silly answer. The anesthesiologist mentions how he sees Gyu-wool the most and suggests to Jung-won that he buy her a meal afterwards. Since Chi-hong is the new chief resident and Yoon-bok will be an intern, Seon-bin and Seok-min are left behind.

He told Song-hwa about his crush on Seon-bin, and uses this moment to indirectly confess his feelings. She sits there in shock, so he puts off dinner for next time and leaves. Seok-hyung visits Ik-joon on his way out to confirm the cancelled band practices for the next two weeks. Before he leaves, Ik-joon spins in his seat and tells his friend that Min-ha likes him. Though having friends is great, Ik-joon tells Seok-hyung that family is important, too, and it pains him to see his friend cut ties to other people.

Ik-joon shakes his head and suggests getting drinks. The two bicker as they leave, and end up entangled in a tango-esque position as they guide each other out. Joon-wan goes home after finishing his surgery and talks with Ik-soon over the phone. As the familiar silhouette comes closer, Joon-wan smiles since it is her! She runs into his arms, and embracing each other, they kiss. Jung-won seems almost as relieved as the parents to see his emergency patient improve, and the parents watch him with appreciation as he treats their daughter with love and care.

Unfortunately, not everyone hears good news today as Song-hwa tells her patient that his cancer relapsed. She offers to schedule a surgery, but the patient wants to think about it first. Song-hwa understands his decision since he already experienced the difficult process once before.

Ik-joon studies Spanish in his office—a stack of how-to books on his desk—when Joon-wan comes to see him. Joon-wan asks Ik-joon out for drinks, but as usual, Ik-joon turns him down. Before Joon-wan can protest, he receives a call about an emergency patient. While Song-hwa is on her rounds, Dr. The family thanks him for saving their daughter, recognizing the many nights he stayed up because of it.

He wonders how she knew, and Song-hwa laughs, calling it a lucky guess. Despite operating for twelve hours, Joon-wan fails to stop the bleeding and decides to move the patient to the ICU.Ah, dramas. They sure make us feel things, don't they? Sometimes they're good feelings, like belly laughs and swoons.

Sometimes they're the sucker punch of a fantastic twist, or the So, what are we all watching this week? What kept you reaching for more or agonizing when there was no moreand what made you want to throw your remote The final episode of Hospital Playlist is a long one, but every minute feels worth it knowing that this is the end.

Filled with heart-wrenching moments as well as gut-busting After decades of working and being friends, things might be changing for our group. While some deal with family drama, others have romantic issues to face, but despite the problems Romance is in the air as unspoken feelings bubble up to the surface and shake some people's worlds.

While some gather the courage to take the first step forward, others Doctors are humans, too, and like every other profession, failures are inevitable when people are starting out. Even the experienced and the seemingly perfect make mistakes at times, but rather Everyone makes mistakes, even doctors, but not everyone accepts responsibilities for their faults.

Some choose to run and others even push the blame onto others. However, the show reminds its Bad things happen in life from illness to family troubles, and it can feel like the world is crumbling around you.

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